Sunday, January 06, 2008

Puzzle Pirates

My favorite online multi-player game is Puzzle Pirates. Even my kids are "addicted." Its a great game. It has a little "economy" going where you can earn POE (Pieces of Eight) performing different "missions" like sword fighting, sailing or bilging -- just to name a very few. POE can be exchanged for Doubloons. The exchange rate changes constantly, so its like a mini bank. Players use the POE and doubloons to buy all sorts of things -- clothes, buildings, ships, merchant stalls, etc. Characters are anonymous, so you dont have to disclose who you are.


Anonymous said...

YAR! I also play this fair game. Ye failed to mention that there be two ways ter play. Ye can pay a monthly fee or ye may play on a different ocean for free! Look me up as Captain Galbutorix on the Viridian Ocean.

Anonymous said...

I also play Puzzle Pirates. Ye can also do jobs, like blacksmithing. Ye can get yer portrait painted, but that is not always free. Ye can go to a palace shop and buy pets, candy canes during Christmas season, masks during Halloween, and other cool stuff. ye can get lots o' PoE if ye pillage with yer crew or go jobbing in another crew.

Mojo said...

OK, and did I forget to mention I can play it on a MAC or PC?