Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Storage Organization

From construction equipment and yard care equipment to toys and sports equipment, the storage of goods has become a burden for most middle-class families. There is a storage crisis in California. One UCLA study indicated 75% of families studied had so much in their garages, that cars would no longer fit.

So, do these so-called families have an excess of goods they just have to keep around? But is it organized? I would guess not. In my house, we're always in PURSUIT of organization. I need to get rid of the clutter.

A recent wall street journal article said the following:

"According to the International Housewares Association, closet and storage items were the fastest growing housewares category over the past five years, with consumer spending increasing at an average of 20.5% per year. The association's latest HomeTrend Influentials study ranks home organization and home storage among the hottest housewares product categories through 2010."

What's new in organization products? I'll need to look. I see organization companies popping up, but I have not found the ideal solution for me.

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