Wednesday, January 16, 2008

iPhone organization

So, how am I going to organize my iPhone home page.

Apple's iPhone page says:

When you find a web app you like, you can put it front and center on iPhone. Just open the web app on your iPhone, tap the plus sign, and then tap "Add to Home screen." iPhone will make a Web Clip and add it to your Home screen automatically for easy, one-tap access. You have up to nine Home screen pages for all your Web Clips and you can organize them any way you like.

So, will I find my favorite sites and put them on one of my nine home pages? I've already experimented with adding "pages" but I don't want it to be so overloaded I cant find anything. What are the most important sites when I'm out and about with my phone?

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Chris Pratt said...

So far, the only Web Apps I've added to my home screen are (, a service that lets you post to all your social networks at once, and Socialthing! (, which aggregates all the posts of the people you follow on various social networks to one screen.

Neither of these sites have iPhone apps, yet, and actually Socialthing! can post to, but it currently doesn't work on the iPhone. Honestly, I just haven't seen many iPhone web apps that are crucial enough to add to my home screen (I have some bookmarked, though), and there are generally native apps that provide similar if not better functionality than most competing web apps.

That said, Apple has a web app directory which I'm sure many people are completely unaware of (as I was until I stumbled upon it one day):