Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Online savings accounts

I have found that online banks offer higher interest rates for short-term savings compared to brick and mortar banks. My local bank offers a paltry .25%. ING gives me 3% without having to buy a CD (Certificate of Deposit) or without requiring a minimum deposit. I dont have to tie up my money for any lengthy period of time. However, it may take a week for my funds to be withdrawn. But, I usually plan ahead for that, so it is not too great of an inconvenience.

The online banks are offering higher interest rates because finally someone wants to compete for your money. Online banks also theoretically have lest overhead because they dont mail statements (reduction of paper).

I read recently that DollarSavingsDirect.com, offers a 3.75% interest rate on minimum deposits of $1,000. HSBC Direct currently offers 3.5%. HSBC Direct account also does not require a minimum deposit. These banks are FDIC insured.

Compare that to typical CD rates:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

JibJab political satire

JibJab has done it again with another entertaining political video.

Check it out.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Quicken (Intuit) Jingle Generator

Have you tried Quicken's Jingle Generator?

They must have been having a slow summer over at Intuit.

Intuit created an interactive jingle creator. Go online, enter your business name and a few other bits of information, choose one of 20 small business types (accounting, retail, tech, blogging) and a jingle is created for your business.

The jingle generator is hosted by “legendary music producer Tommy Silk.” Or not so famous because he is of course, fictitious.

The site is good for a good few laughs.
Here's the jingle I created just for fun.