Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April 8th is National Start Walking Day

Have you been sitting in front of your computer too long? Get up and move! We are becoming a nation of stationary people

According to the American Heart Association, "When you move -- even just for 30 minutes combined each day -- you reduce your chance of heart disease." Wait --I can be still the rest of the day? I only have to move for 30 minutes?!!! Actually, they are trying to start a movement of getting people to walk. They even have a new social site where you can join a community of walkers. To pomote this and the benefits of moving, they have proclaimed April 8th as National Start Walking Day.

I actually have been walking for awhile. I use a site to map my walks called MayMyWalk. Its kind of cool because I can determine how many miles I've walked and keep a log. It even has an iphone application to go along with it. I havent got that app to work right yet., but I think it was because I tried it in an area with poor cell reception.