Sunday, February 03, 2008


Another great post by Guy Kawasaki. His post is entitled, "Everything you should know about me as an entrepreneur you could learn from my OB/GYN." He got an e-mail pitch from an entrepreneur. You should go read it. After living with a start-up the last 7 years and having my kids grow up taller than me now, I can appreciate the entrepreneur's comment. I just wished I was a few years younger now to start my next venture experience.

My favorite line is the end, "Children are the ultimate startup. And when they leave for college, it’s their IPO. And when they get married, it’s an M & A deal. And like most startups, these milestones usually take longer and cost more than you predicted. Parental success rates, however, are much better than even the best (seed-stage) venture capitalist’s."

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