Friday, October 15, 2010

More Powerpoint discussion

 I previously wrote a post about why I hate powerpoint presentations.  I still do because they usually are an immediate turn-off.  So, I read in CNN about another Powerpoint Fatigue article.  I really liked this quote.
We're a distracted, multi-tasking society. So presentations need to lure and re-lure an audience simply to keep their attention. Audiences are looking at the clock or fiddling with their handheld devices throughout a presentation. You don't connect with your audience by throwing information at them -- you do it by taking them on a journey toward your perspective.  
CEO's, salespeople, students, or any citizen, you need to learn to connect to an audience and learn to visually display information for maximum audience comprehension.

 Visually, I like Apple's "Keynote", rather than Powerpoint.  It helps your presentations be more interesting.  But, still you can get lost in the visuals rather than the message you are really trying to communicate.

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