Monday, November 23, 2009

Motivation to learn about investments

I usually LOVE to learn new things. I also worry about my financial future. I used to study prospectuses of funds and read reviews to determine where to invest my retirement funds and other savings. Since the stock market fall of 2008, I don't feel inclined to do this anymore. I even have money sitting in money market funds waiting for me to move to theoretically more lucrative stock funds. I cant seem to trust the stock market right now.

I read this interesting blog post today about Robert Brokamp's thoughts. He answered the question regarding the biggest financial challenges of baby boomers.

The biggest challenge is summoning the motivation to learn about all this stuff. It can be boring, time-consuming and confusing. Who wants to spend free time learning about something named after a section in the IRS tax code? But an ounce of education is worth a portfolio of lower taxes, reduced fees, better investments and peace of mind. Sure, you could pay someone to do it for you, but you'll pay an awful lot for that help – and you have to know at least enough to determine if you're getting good help.

I think it might help me get motivated to go back to investment research. Maybe I wont invest yet, but maybe I'll start my research again.

What's motivating you? Are you jumping back into the market?

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