Sunday, May 17, 2009

Los Angeles Earthquake

So, the Los Angeles area (LAX, Inglewood. Lennox) had an earthquake tonight (5.0 according to initial reports). According to the LA Times, some area residents felt it more than others. This time, I cant even claim to have felt it (usually I can feel them). But what amazes me is that my son told me about it after seeing it on Facebook. It was faster than the news. When I googled "Los Angeles earthquake" there was no results. Even had nothing. But Facebook (and I'm sure Twitter) had the news. Makes me want to be "connected" during a time of disaster.


Wendell Hicken said...

It was a tiny jiggle, but I usually do a twitter search first to see where it was located - that seems to be the fastest news source by far right now.

Mojo said...

Yep. I checked the USGS site first. I usually do for those jiggles.