Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Earthlink DSL Sucks -- Again!

Previously, I wrote about my awful experience with Earthlink. So, we didnt cancel our Earthlink account because I didnt want to pay the early cancellation penalty and we didnt have any more problems. Until on a recent Saturday night all of a sudden, the DSL went down at 9pm. This time it only took 36 hours for them to fix. First of all they told us it was a "maintenance" issue. Oh -oh, I've heard this before (last time it was the same problem -- an upgrade of some sort). They would do nothing further for us but told us to check back in the morning. OK, first thing we check in the morning -- no internet. We call in again and we try to get a trouble ticket (this is different from a case number. Case numbers are useless and Earthlink does not track these -- YOU MUST INSIST ON GETTING A TROUBLE TICKET!). They cannot issue one and want us to call back. NO WAY! I've heard this before. So, my husband waits on the phone for 2 hours to speak to some senior tech who can FINALLY enter a trouble ticket. They do all sorts of tests, and no luck. But, this guy could issue a trouble ticket. He said someone would call us back in 4 hours. Nobody calls, so in 8 hours, we call back and they still dont know what is wrong (at least we can go through the customer service process faster because we DO have a trouble ticket). We find out they will have to get someone Monday to fix it. Luckily, Monday morning, it is fixed. But of course this wreaks havoc on kids trying to do research for homework (even my little one has to do research on current events).

This time, we have ordered another service -- Verizon. BUT, it has already taken to weeks for them to set a connection date -- with no guarantee they can provide DSL service. What a pain and a monopoly these DSL providers have.

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