Friday, April 25, 2008


My youngest has been away at a school camp for 3 days. The house was quiet without her. I should have taken advantage of the time and spent some time with my son. He was busy doing homework, which made the house even more quiet. I've never had so much uninterrupted time in the evenings. I did have some good dinner-time conversation with him since my husband was always home later for dinner.

My older son and my husband are going away to a scout camp-out this weekend. The house calls me to clean it and I need to go grocery shopping. But I think I'll be sure and spend time with my daughter. Time is passing by quickly and they are maturing so quickly.

Where have the past 7 years gone as I was buried working in a start-up, basically ignoring other parts of my life -- my family (both immediate and extended) and friends? I am motivated to change my life as I ease out of my current role in the company. I was a workaholic. I'm not sure however that I could still want to do a job at a "regular" company. There is something exciting about working with talented people in a fast-paced environment.

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